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Embrace ACAAI’s Tithe-a-Talk Program. It’s easy and highly rewarding.
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ACAAI Foundation Tithe-A-Talk Program
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Embrace ACAAI’s Tithe-A-Talk Program - it’s Easy and Highly Rewarding!

The ACAAI Foundation awarded $150,000 in grants last year, made possible by its individual and corporate donors, including participants of the Tithe-a-Talk program.

“The Foundation strives to secure the future of our specialty and ensure the highest standards of patient care by supporting education and research through its Fellows-in-Training Program Relief Grants, Young Faculty Support Awards and other viable programs,” said past ACAAI Foundation President Nathan Segall, MD, FACAAI, who recently achieved 20K Club status by exceeding his pledge of $20,000. “We cannot accomplish this without support from our donors. We are pleased to recognize ACAAI Annual Meeting faculty who pledged a portion of their honoraria through the Tithe-a-Talk program.

The Foundation awarded 2013 grants to the following recipients:

1. Jay Lieberman, MD
Assistant Professor
The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center Study Title: “A Randomized, Double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the Use of Viscous Oral Cromolyn Sodium for Treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis”

2. Anne Ellis, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Queen’s University
Kingston, ON, Canada
Study Title: “Epigenetic Signature of Allergic Disease in Dendritic Cells: Prenatal & Early Life”

Tithe-a-Talk makes it easy for you to donate honoraria from an upcoming speaking engagement, which will be applied toward your 5K Club ($5,000 level), 10K Club ($10,000 level) or 20K Club ($20,000 level) contribution goal. Simply complete the form available on the Foundation page of the College member website ( and present it to the association/company that is sponsoring your talk.

Dr. Bobby Lanier, ACAAI Executive Medical Director and past president,
initiated Tithe-a-Talk in 2001.

Tithe-a-Talk makes it easy to support your Foundation
The following faculty designated a portion of their 2013 Annual Meeting or other honorarium to the Foundation’s Tithe-a-Talk program:

Donald W. Aaronson, MD, JD, FACAAI
Amal H. Assad, MD, FACAAI
Mark Ballow, MD, FACAAI
Cheryl K. Bernstein, RN, BSN, CCRC
David I. Bernstein, MD, FACAAI
Larry Borish, MD, FACAAI
Praveen Buddiga, MD
Thomas B. Casale, MD, FACAAI
Bradley E. Chipps, MD, FACAAI
Chitra Dinakar, MD, FACAAI
Paul J. Dowling, MD, FACAAI
Renata J.M. Engler, MD, FACAAI
Stanley M. Fineman, MD, MBA, FACAAI
Alessandro Fiocchi, MD, FACAAI
Michael B. Foggs, MD, FACAAI
Luz S. Fonacier, MD, FACAAI
Theodore A. Freeman, MD, FACAAI
David B.K. Golden, MD, FACAAI
Gary N. Gross, MD, FACAAI
I. Celine Hanson, MD
Mark Holbreich, MD, FACAAI
Jerald W. Koepke, MD, FACAAI
David M. Lang, MD, FACAAI
Mitchell R. Lester, MD, FACAAI
H. Henry Li, MD, PhD
Phillip L. Lieberman, MD, FACAAI
Todd A. Mahr, MD, FACAAI
Gailen D. Marshall, Jr., MD, PhD, FACAAI
Bryan L. Martin, DO, FACAAI
Kathleen R. May, MD, FACAAI
J. Allen Meadows, MD, FACAAI
Michael R. Nelson, MD, PhD, FACAAI
Richard A. Nicklas, MD, FACAAI
Talal M. Nsouli, MD, FACAAI
John J. Oppenheimer, MD, FACAAI
Thomas A.E. Platts-Mills, MD, PhD, FACAAI
Christopher C. Randolph, MD, FACAAI
Joram S. Seggev, MD, FACAAI
Jodi A. Shroba, MSN, CPNP
David J. Shulan, MD, FACAAI
David R. Stukus, MD
James L. Sublett, MD, FACAAI
Richard W. Weber, MD, FACAAI
David R. Weldon, MD, FACAAI

Contributions to the Foundation can be made in a variety of other ways, including cash donations, through a contribution of stock, charitable trusts/bequests. The Jean Chapman Endowment Fund for Education was established to help support fellows-in-training travel grants. In times of bereavement, you can request donations be made, in lieu of flowers, to help advance the care of allergy and immunology.

Donors at the 5K Club level and above are acknowledged at each Annual Meeting with a special ribbon and listings in the Convention Program Guide and the Foundation Honor Roll display.

Donations are always welcome. Please send your contribution to: ACAAI Foundation, 85 W. Algonquin Road, Suite 550, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Checks should be made payable to ACAAI Foundation.

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