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Ask the Allergist

Ask ACAAI Allergist experts your questions on asthma and allergy!

Submitted questions are reviewed by the editorial staff and those that are relevant to the general allergic population will be published online. We are unable to provide specific medical advice intended for an individual patient. The information presented here is not to be considered specific medical advice and it is supplied for information only. Always discuss your medical problems with your allergist and make decisions on your health after personal consultation. Find an allergist

Is it possible to be allergic to sunscreen?

Q. Yes, it is indeed possible to be allergic to sunscreen! Sunscreens have been associated with both allergic contact dermatitis and photoallergy, both of which require some further definition. Read more.

Is a “Peanut –Free Zone” effective in a high school setting?

Q. Thank you for your question. This is indeed an issue raised frequently in schools, with commercial airline carriers, and in other public venues. There is little evidence to support that peanut protein (the part of peanut responsible for causing allergic reactions) remains airborne to any significant level, making the risk of inhalation of peanut protein purely theoretical. Read more.