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Other Online Resources

The patient education section of ACAAI's Web site includes background information on asthma and allergies, anaphylaxis education materials and an easy-to-use allergist locator. The more you know about your condition, the better prepared you will be to prevent or minimize future anaphylactic reactions.

For information on emergency preparedness, go to the patient and consumer education section of the American College of Emergency Physicians’ Web site at, where you will find information on a variety of topics, including tips on what to do in a medical emergency.

You can also find additional patient education resources on these Web sites:

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Insect Allergy Information

Learn more about insect allergies, including methods to avoid insect bites, treatment options, and more.

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Food Allergy Information

Learn more about how to manage and treat your food allergy symptoms.

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Drug Allergy Information

Learn more about your drug allergy, including information on how to manage the condition.

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