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Alliance Calling all Photo Buffs!

Come visit amazing Atlanta!

By Margaret Quel, Alliance President

Be sure to mark your calendars for traveling to Atlanta November 6-10 to not miss out on the fun we plan for this lovely, friendly city.

December will mark the 75th anniversary of the epic film, Gone with the Wind! Therefore, November will be an ideal time to visit this charming city, upon which the story is based. Judy Fineman and I are arranging a very special (off-site) location for our Annual Business Meeting & Luncheon. Keep an eye out for my next report, which will include more details. Our adult programs will feature interesting reflections on the times of “Gone with the Wind,” cooking and other fun activities.

Our children’s program will once again focus on animals. This time the mobile zoo will come from the Atlanta Zoo. Our request has been for a focus on animals from Africa, so we will see what surprises they bring.

As you know, Barbara Finegold and Jeanne Zitt have graciously agreed to continue our photo contest one last time this year. Please review some of your favorite pictures and choose one to submit as your entry in the contest. Because of the superb participation of our members in 2013, the total entries were twice that of the previous year. It would be impressive if we all work our best and have a grand finale by tripling the entries for the 2014 ACAAI Alliance Photo Contest. Remember it will be your last opportunity to have your favorite picture on display at an annual ACAAI meeting. Please look over your images and most certainly you will find one that will bring a smile to our faces or a tear to our eyes. Let us indeed make it a grand finale for this wonderful event.

As an extension of the photo contest, we plan to create a notebook which will display a selection of entries from the 2012 and 2013 contests on its cover. Choosing these pictures proved to be extremely difficult, and we hope this practical and lovely item will be well received. The notebooks will be on sale during the meeting for a nominal amount and, as always, all proceeds from the sale will go to the ACAAI Foundation.

More to come in the next newsletter; in the meanwhile, plan on sipping mint juleps because everything will be just peachy in Atlanta!

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