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Just like a growing toddler, our now two-year-old website continues to reach new milestones (without too many growing pains)! Truly, it has been an exciting year for those of us working on this ongoing effort, and a “birthday celebration” seems fitting.

A few statistics are in order. This past year has seen increases in the number of our public and our members served by our site. Year-over-year website traffic shows a 26% increase in unique visitors, averaging over 63,000 unique visits per month. The number of page views has increased 15% year-over-year.

The website is serving its users/visitors like never before. The Nationwide Asthma Screening Program is being coordinated through our site right now – both for those offering to do screenings, and those seeking a screening in their area, or to assess their symptoms of asthma and allergies via online self-tests. Many questions from the public about allergic disease have been answered in the Ask the Allergist Q & A column, and we continue to receive inquiries. Recent questions have addressed such topics as reactions to mosquito bites and prevention of food allergic reactions. The Ask the Allergist archive of prior topics continues to grow, too, and has become a terrific resource.

Members have a similar option to submit questions to the Ask the Expert column on the member homepage. If you have either a member-level question for Ask the Expert or if a member of the public has a question for the Ask the Allergist column, please email us at

New features added to the website this year include enhanced information about health care reform for members via the Advocacy and Inside Washington page, which contains updated resources about health care reform courtesy of the Joint Task Force on Healthcare Reform. The link for Town Hall Meetings from the JCAAI can also be found on the same page, for those interested. The Practice Parameters now have their own news column on the Members homepage, where newly published parameters and related information are linked. Updated, corresponding quick reference Pocketcards are now available.

The COLA (Conferences On Line Allergy) YouTube channel was launched and linked to, allowing state-of-the art medical lectures to be viewed online by members. Members can now earn CME up to 6 months after the original COLA presentation! Planned future online CME capabilities via the College will tremendously enhance the usefulness of our website to our members seeking CME credit.

Outreach to international allergy societies, the ACAAI Ambassadors program, has been detailed on the members’ homepage, and highlights the importance of both sharing our expertise with colleagues around the world and learning from their experiences.

Many thanks to the ACAAI Website Editorial Board and staff who continually keep the website updated! These include my Assistant Editors Jay Portnoy and Dana Wallace; web editorial board members Kim Baumgardt, Cheryl Bernstein, Leonard Bielory, Karla Davis, Paul Keiser, Jeffrey Miller, John Seyerle, Saba Sharif, and Janna Tuck! There are numerous other ACAAI member-contributors who help answer questions, submit content, and keep the site up-to-date. A huge ongoing thanks is due our College staff in particular liaison Nancy Ryan and IT “chief” Jeff Kiva for all of their efforts!

Thanks to you, our members and public who keep providing us with useful suggestions, and feedback regarding how we can serve you better!

Kathleen R. May MD, FACAAI,

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