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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (November 8, 2018) – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that it has approved Primatene Mist for over-the-counter (OTC) use for those with mild intermittent asthma.

“Asthma is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ disease that you can treat yourself with OTC medications,” says allergist and pediatric pulmonologist Bradley Chipps, MD, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. “Anyone who has asthma should be working with an allergist to make sure they are on the appropriate medication to control their disease. People should understand they shouldn’t go off their regular prescription medication to start taking Primatene Mist instead. That could prove very dangerous.”

More than 3,500 people die of asthma each year, nearly half of whom are age 65 or older. Recent statistics show that half of people with asthma have at least one asthma attack each year, with children more likely to have an attack than adults. “80-90 percent of people with asthma think their asthma is well-controlled when it’s not,” says Dr. Chipps. "There are too many needless deaths even in people with mild asthma.”

More information on controlling asthma can be found in this ACAAI video.

The full FDA statement on Primatene Mist can be found here.


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