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April marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of our new and improved, whose reworking and implementation were the brainchild of our current ACAAI President, Dr. Dana Wallace. Those of us closely involved with preparing for this launch remember the long hours, the achievements and setbacks, and wondered if the date would ever arrive!

After one year, we find our site chock-full of updated and ever-changing resources. A few details are in order. Since our launch, has presented numerous new features, for both our members and the public including:

  • Free ACAAI-certified CME offerings available to members via the redesigned CME/MOC Center
  • The premiere ACAAI Review for the Allergy/Immunology Boards available to all!
  • Online version of Allergy Watch for members, with full archives
  • Ask the Allergist section answering general questions, which can be found on the main landing page, and also the "Patients & Public" tab. We welcome questions from the public here!
  • Updated ACAAI News and relevant medical news (In the News) in column two on the main landing page
  • This Letters to the Web Editor section, for anyone to submit opinions or topics relevant to the field of allergy/immunology - we welcome your letters!
  • Ask the Expert for members, to address questions from our allergy/immunology colleagues - these are answered by thought leaders in our field, and provide a valuable resource to members
  • Parameter Updeat for members, for cutting-edge news and updates about the Practice Parameters

ACAAI is connected more than ever to the World-Wide Web, via Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, where anyone can receive updates about ACAAI news and happenings. If you have not yet looked at our Facebook page, please go there and "Like" us, so you can receive these updates. Sign up for our Twitter - there are actually two sites - one for the public (ACAAI) and one for members for practice-related news (eACAAI)! (No, we do not yet have our own "app", but who knows, that could change, too...) All social media can be accessed directly from the homepage.

As we continue the transition to a digital age, our new and its features will become vitally important. Our public awareness initiative via the Allergist website - was successfully integrated with this site last fall, and now resides on the Patients & Public tab here. Thus, all allergy information for the public is seamlessly available, in one site!

Now, it gets personal...I would like to thank our current ACAAI Website Editorial Board and staff who have helped make this website what you see today, and are tasked with its ongoing functioning! These include (and please forgive me if I do not give you proper credit) my Co-Editor and sounding board Jay Portnoy; Assistant Editor, Dana Wallace; core web editorial board members Kim Baumgardt, Cheryl Bernstein, Leonard Bielory, Russell Leftwich, Jeffrey Miller, John Seyerle, Alice Sottile, and Janna Tuck! There are numerous other ACAAI member-contributors who help to answer questions, submit content, and keep the site "fresh". Finally, but by no means least, I thank our College staff Nancy Ryan and Jeff Kiva, who keep our content organized and post the frequent updates to the website and social media.

Being a conscientious committee, we always wonder how we can make our website better, to serve our members and our public. A website is always a "work in progress". If you have comments or suggestions for how we can improve in the coming year(s), features you would like to see, functions that could work better, please let us know at If you have an interest in doing editorial work, enjoy writing, have some time and would like to share your talents, please consider applying to join our editorial board, using the committee application form (also found on "Committees" link on Members tab, or you can contact Nancy Ryan at the ACAAI office)!

Kathleen R. May, MD, FACAAI
Co-Editor/Content Editor,