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Why should I see an allergist for my asthma?

Why should I see an allergist for my asthma?

English Transcript

Allergist Charles Lane, MD:

So, many patients may not know that allergists are experts in treating asthma, and the reason for that is that, for many of our patients, allergens are an important trigger for their asthma. Asthma is one of the allergic diseases.

And as allergists and immunologists, we are specially trained to treat disorders of the immune system, including asthma. So think about it. You or your family members who have asthma probably will have an allergic component to that disease. You may go to visit a family member’s house where there are cats and your asthma is triggered, and that’s a result of the allergy that you may have to cats, in this example.

The other reason that allergists are experts at treating asthma is that for many patients who have asthma, they also have other allergic diseases. They have allergic rhinitis or hay fever. They may have chronic sinus problems. They may have eczema. They may also have food allergies, and allergists are experts in treating these other conditions as well.

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