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I'm 16 years old and live in Branson, Missouri. I seem to get hives around the same time each year, though I haven't changed anything in my life. Last year, it began around the end of August/early September and they were gone by May/June. This year, it has happened again. The hives are around my underwear line, my back, and my sides. The hives are raised and are no bigger than a quarter. As the weather gets colder, they worsen. Why am I getting these hives?
From your description of your symptoms, it sounds like you may be struggling with cold urticaria. In patients with cold urticaria, hives develop after being exposed to cold temperatures, and contact with cold objects.  Cold urticaria can be a primary condition or related to an underlying medical condition. Some patients with cold urticaria have a family history of cold urticaria.  

Unfortunately, for many cases of cold urticaria, a cause cannot be determined.

Your allergist will likely do some testing, to include possibly placing a cold object on a portion of your skin.  Additional studies may be indicated, based on your personal and family history.

Avoidance of cold exposures and non-sedating anti-H1 antihistamines are generally the first treatments for cold urticaria. If these strategies are ineffective, higher antihistamine dosages may be tried, or other agents may be attempted.  You should discuss your symptoms, an evaluation tailored to you, and potential strategies for managing symptoms with your allergist.