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I recently underwent a scratch test to determine what I'm allergic to. The results of all 45 allergens they tested were negative (with the exception of the histamine control), although I clearly have seasonal allergies. Is it so important that I learn the cause of the allergies, or should I just go ahead with the treatment that works (a combination of antihistamine and nose spray)? Are there panels of less common allergens available for scratch tests?
There are over 50,000 species of mold in air. You were undoubtedly not tested for all of those. The same is true for pollens and many other allergens.

Skin testing is typically done for the most common allergens. Many allergens, however, are less common or even unknown. If you tested negative to all 45 allergens, then you likely have either a sensitivity to a less common allergen or you have nonallergic rhinitis, which just seems like an allergy.

At any rate, you certainly can get on with treatment. A combination of nasal sprays, antihistamines and eye drops (if needed) should help. If not, there are other options that don't require knowledge of what specifically you are allergic to. Ask your allergist for advice.