Karen H.

Karen H.

After 17 years in her current job, Karen is transitioning into an exciting new position thanks in part to the confidence and energy she gained when she found relief from her allergies and asthma.

“For several years I was getting colds about every six weeks. My internist finally said, ‘I think you need to go see an allergist immunologist,'” she explains. After her allergist conducted allergy skin tests, Karen learned that she was allergic to dust mites, trees, grass and her cat. She worked with her allergist to determine the best treatment while keeping her primary care physician in the loop.

The allergist’s personalized treatment plan completely changed Karen’s life. Today she’s more active than she’s been in years and less worried about catching a cold. She no longer suffers from wheezing, sneezing, a runny nose or itchy eyes even while living with her beloved cat. “It’s two thumbs up for my allergist,” Karen says.

This patient successfully found relief after seeing an allergist, but the patient’s photograph is not available to respect the patient’s privacy and identity.