Taylor H.

Taylor H.

Taylor is an outgoing and active 7-year-old who enjoys playing ball, cheerleading and dancing, and will soon be earning her purple belt in karate. But until three years ago, her allergies and asthma kept her from enjoying the outdoors.

Taylor was first diagnosed with asthma shortly after her fourth birthday party, when difficulty breathing prompted a trip to the emergency room. Her parents decided then and there to seek an allergist’s specialized care. “We came in and described Taylor’s symptoms – congestion, wheezing and difficulty breathing – and they gave us the appropriate things we needed to do to avoid that,” explains Dawn, her mom. In follow-up appointments, allergy testing confirmed allergies that contribute to Taylor’s asthma.

Taylor sees an allergist twice a week to receive the treatment she needs to keep both her allergies and asthma under control, and her mom is happy with the results. “I definitely think it has freed her up and changed her life for the better,” she says. Now Taylor can spend time outside without having to worry about contact with the things she is allergic to, such as dogs, grass and blooms, or as Taylor would put it, “everything under the sun.”

This patient successfully found relief after seeing an allergist, but the patient’s photograph is not available to respect the patient’s privacy and identity.