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Is it possible to develop a tree nut allergy at 43? If so, why, and is there hope of reversing it?
It is possible to develop a tree nut allergy as an adult.  Most food allergies start in childhood, but they can also develop in adults. It is unknown why some adults develop an allergy to a food they have previously consumed without problems.

Tree nut allergies are common in both children and adults. Approximately 9% of children with a tree nut allergy eventually outgrow their tree nut allergy.  In an adult, “outgrowing” or “reversing” a tree nut allergy is not common. 

Tree nuts can cause severe, potentially fatal, allergic reactions.  To prevent an allergic reaction, strict avoidance of tree nuts is essential.   A person with an allergy to one type of tree nut has a greater chance of also being allergic to other tree nuts.  Therefore, many experts advise patients with an allergy to a tree nut to avoid all tree nuts.  Your allergist can help you with personalized recommendations for your care. The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) website is also an excellent resource.