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Within the last month I've had four allergic reactions that are limited to my lips, skin around the lips, and chin. The area becomes inflamed, chapped, cracked, painful, and itchy. No other area is affected. I couldn't figure out what was causing it because I was eating different foods each time it happened. I started doing some research, and I was looking up common fruit allergies, since I eat a lot of fruit. Lately (in the past 5 months) I've been eating a lot of mangoes. I came across an article about mango allergy and the symptoms fit pretty well with what I’ve experienced. However, my allergic reaction does not happen immediately when I eat the mangoes. This last time, I had eaten a mango the day before. The same is true for the other occasions; I had a mango either a day or two before the reaction happened. Is it possible that the mango is causing my reaction a day later? I have a rash right now, and it has lasted three days. It's easy enough to quit mangoes, but I'd really like to know the cause.
Based on the description you provided, it sounds like you may be one of the unlucky people who are allergic to a chemical compound called urushiol.  This chemical is actually an allergen that is found in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac as well as several other plants including mango (mainly in the skin) and cashew nutshells.  In around half of people exposed to it, urushiol causes allergic contact dermatitis, or an allergic rash.   Allergic contact dermatitis can be a delayed reaction up to 48 hours after exposure to the allergen, although more frequent exposure tends to make the reaction occur more quickly.

Given the timeline and description of your symptoms, I agree that you may be experiencing allergic contact dermatitis to mangoes.   Your allergist can aid in your evaluation and in managing your symptoms.

Be aware that you may also be a have strong reactions to poison ivy and similar plants – remember the phrase, “Leaves of three, leave it be!” when you are outdoors to help you identify and avoid these plants.