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A few days ago I ate one piece of watermelon and my whole throat started feeling itchy and puffy. The same thing happens with cucumber, kiwi fruit, avocado, and bananas. What might be the cause of this?
Based on the history you provided, it sounds like you may have a condition called “oral allergy syndrome,” sometimes also called pollen-food sensitivity syndrome.  Oral allergy syndrome is caused by an allergy to cross-reacting proteins found in pollens and in the foods you described. Many of these proteins are heat, acid, and enzyme labile; meaning that when you eat the food, they can cause your mouth to itch but the acid and enzymes in your digestive system break them down before your body can absorb them.  For this reason, oral allergy syndrome is rarely associated with symptoms beyond the oral cavity such as hives, breathing difficulty, or anaphylaxis. In many cases, heating the foods will denature the proteins. For example, a cake baked with banana may not cause symptoms in some patients who have symptoms with fresh bananas.

The treatment for the oral allergy syndrome is to avoid the foods that make your mouth itch. Some foods, such as apples and melons, store their proteins in the peel or rind, so removing the outside part can help. Finding alternative fruits and vegetables that do not cause symptoms is recommended.  Your allergist will help to guide your evaluation and provide you with personalized recommendations.